Signs to recognize the fake identity card

Signs to recognize the fake identity card

Are you the one who got cheated with the fake ID card? If yes then don’t worry here in the post we will share some of the signs which will help you to know that the ID you are checking is either fake or not. My experience with fake id was really bad, and I don’t want that same happens with you also that is why read the post carefully and don’t commit those mistakes which I have committed.

Fake identity cards are common among people today, and short age children are using it mostly for entertaining themselves. It is not a good activity; the government has made some of the rules which are made by keeping in mind about their age. Those who try to break these rules have to face many problems because they will get punishments for it. So let’s start the discussion.


Numbers of signs are present on the fake ID cards by which you can meet with the reality of the cards. You will not find all those signs here, but some of them are discussed here which are enough for you to make you understand about them. Those signs are:-

  • Look for real ID

Yes, it can happen that when an individual shows you the fake ID, then he will hide the original one in his pocket and bags. So it will be better for you to check their pockets and bags properly because there are chances to catch the original one. You should be extra careful while spotting the ID; sometimes they have their both IDs original and fake one.

  • Look at the picture

There is no doubt in it that in the picture the earrings, clothes and hair colors can be changed but the nose, eyes, and chin can’t be changed. So when you go to check the identity card then try looks at those things which will never get changed. If you find some of the differences in it, then you can estimate that the identity card is not original.


I have also look at the identity card, but my experience with fake id was not so good that is why I made this post to let you know that how you can check out. Hope so that you will use these signs and will be able to judge for the real and fake identity cards.


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